Friday, January 16, 2009

Time to get our game face on....

Here is my game face, Key West style...

Of course it is not all fun and games like back at the shop..... The guys sent me this picture so I could keep my head on the boat and not worry about what is going on back home. Don't they look like they have everything under control?

The sailing is just fantastic. There is nothing to calm the mind and the soul like concentrating on getting every last bit of speed out of a boat in 20-30 knots. Lightning Rod is an amazing boat, she just feels so nimble now with her new bottom. I can't wait to try her with our good sails.

I took a walk on Duval Street tonight and had a great time watching people and just relaxing. I bought a few cigars from a street vendor and indulged in my two or three times per year cigar habit. The cigars are hand rolled here in Key West and the one I smoked was very good.

We are expecting more of the same weather tomorrow. If the forecast is right we may want to wait until early afternoon for it to lay down a little.


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  1. Good Luck Team!!! I'm very envious. Tell the team I've taught myself to rig the laser and am taking her out this weekend...all in preparation for my opportunity to head to Key West!! Kick butt Rod!!

    Jeremy Hardy (aka the camoflauge guy)