Saturday, January 10, 2009

The rest of day 4

We took a short nap and then off we went to finish getting LR ready to be launched on Monday morning. Jerry worked hard on unwrapping the mast and polishing the spreaders which were covered with bugs (next time pallet wrap the spreaders too!) And Grady and I jacked the boat up so we could finish under the keel and under the forward four pads.

After a bit of work, Grady and I had made the right tools to jack the boat up. We each ended up with a length of pipe with a smaller pipe in the inside to fit the jacking screws. It was over an hour of tediously jacking each screw 1/2 turn at a time to raise the boat 6 inches.

Glenn put his bike together. I think he is iching for a solo trip to town.

The boat above is a Swan 42. He is our neighbor. She was under two feet of snow in Newport last week. Wow, what a project, they ship the keel seperately!

We arrived home to find the hot tub was not hot, but we figured that one out and I am confident we will have a HOT tub by later this evening!
And now it's dinner time. Roast pork tenderloin, asparagus tips with mushrooms and a very nice salad. A healthy and nutricious and delicious dinner. This is great!

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