Friday, January 16, 2009

Flying the FWYC colors

The burgee finally arrived via Fed-Ex, thanks to the gang at Custom Earpiece. We are now representing FWYC to the best of our ability, at least until racing begins. The bikes are great, we have the crew warming up in the morning and in the evening keeping physically fit for the turmoil ahead.

Grady is outdoing himself again with the cooking. Sausage, eggs, and fruit in the morning. Ribs for snacking after sailing. At press time, steaks are cooking on the grill.

What about sailing? Today was fun. Ninteen to twenty six knots with a puff here and there topping at thirty-one knots knots out of the North provided some steep waves to play in. Top speed downwind with Craig driving was 11.2 knots. Upwind Dave hitting 5.8 to 6.1 knots, despite the steeps. Dave is really enjoying the bigger waves that we just don't get back home, however Glenn and Scott on the bow do not seem to share the same enthusiasm. Yet, the gang is doing a great job, switching from two crew tacking the jib, to one tacking the blade. This move was made to move the weight on the rail quicker. The ten year old practice chute is still holding together, however a blown batten in the practice 110 might make trim difficult for tomorrow. The older main with the full battens still has some life left in her.

Projects still pop up as we now have the mast plate at the deck working itself away from the deck. The hitech tapered main halyard is the culprit, literally pulling the plate upwards. Some epoxy and moving the carbo blocks back a bit should prove to be the solution. Shackles don't seem to like the conditions either, as we are breaking the smaller vang shackles. The solution is to reduce shackles and use line and knots instead where a shackle can be replaced. It works too! Just like a hi-tech little boat!
Night has fallen, Bill Rackley and Cute Daniel emailed to say they are on the road heading south on I-75. Should be a long weekend for them as we sail in the morning (Saturday) and even earlier Sunday. Sunday is dress rehearsal day, getting to the boat at 8am means getting a dozen people showered, fed, sober, and on the road early.
Deborah, is itching to get out on the town, again, so gotta run....
Love, Lightning Rod Team

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