Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beginning to feel like Key West

Yep, Key West, it is here. Saturday's practice day saw more boats come out to play. Some Swan 42's, J-80's, a Benne 36.7 and 40, and an all familiar boat Man-O-War, the J35 out of Singing River Yacht Club, Mississippi bounced around the water this afternoon. The J35 showed some love by giving a big GYA shout out to us "Go GYA!!!" as we sailed upwind together.

Practice was fairly intense today. We counted approximately a eight takedowns, a nine sets, maybe twenty tacks, and around thirty or so gybes. Winds were between 14 and 20 knots. Seas definately dropping down a bit as compared to the last couple of days. Working the foredeck to a pulp was the mission today. Communication started working itself through with "Hike Bitches!" , "Tack Bitches", and"Gybe Bitches" . Terminolgy is still under development for hoists types and mark douces. Cute Daniel, as seen in the picture, is having a blast! No matter what we throw at the lad, we still can't get him to wipe that goofy smile off his face.

Regardless, of Daniel's inablilty to turn his frown upside down, everybody got a workout. Dave spent some time working the main upwind, switching off the helm to Craig every once in awhile. Dave also developed some gybing style as he trims and gybes the main downwind. Dave is having a blast taking time to sail his boat. Per the usual, Grady's food is outstanding. Ham steaks in the morning, grilled sandwiches for lunch, shrimp premaviera for dinner. He is a reall assest to the team taking time to help out with laundry tasks as well. He is slowly getting into the groove, even breaking out his Kwanza shirt tonight to go out on the town. So out on the town it is, Mojitos, Mojitos, Mojitos!!!!! GO PWRYC!

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  1. With the coming of Race Week, the practices all but complete, and 6 months of preparation behind you, we at the FWYC send our best to all of you, our good luck wishes, and our support. Make us proud, but more importantly, make yourselves proud that you're participating in what some will only ever dream of.

    Dave V.