Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday, 3 more days till racing begins...

Today was a good day. We all woke up to Grady's story about sneaking up on Jerry with cooking spray at night, and decided to eat breakfast instead of hearing the rest of the story. Some of the gang took off to find bikes to rent or find the boat, while others fished around "the compound" and found some bikes on their own. More on this later as ingenuity was required to get the bicycles in working order (Winn-Dixie lighter fluid replacing chain oil) and with some added flair. Our next door neighbors are not only nice, but also helpful in emergencies as Urgent Care is right next door! Perfect! Lunch was served, again with more gradyisms, and we went sailing. Sailing was wonderful, 20 knots TWS, surfing off pebble rollers around eight knots or so. Dave, really taking to the wave pattern well. Of course a mishap was requried and our new megamaxi jib sheet cover came undone from the core at the splice. Glenn, ever so helpful, now has another project.

After sailing we took the time to make minor adjustments to the boat while a Swan 42 was getting it's mast stepped in our slip. The guys on the 42 were real nice, and made way as soon as the rig was somewhat secure. We unloaded the boat with some help from local yard workers who seemd to cheer on each other to keep up morale. A friendly bunch once you get Grady away from them.

Some rig re-tuning, some taping, and the mighty Lightning Rod slumbers away Thursday evening to the hum of the industrial dehumidifier.

Grady came through again with dinner of ribs, stir fried vegtables, and seemingly semi-boiled potatos. Somewhare around here is some Key Lime Pie with Scott's name on it, wait, RedStripe for Scott and Key Lime Pie for every one else!

Friday looks to be a bit more breezy with some computer models forcasting winds as high as twenty-six knots! More blade sailing and chicken chute gybing makes for a happy bunch.

Racing begins Monday, with more practicing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so stay tuned ya'll!!! LOVE, PWRYC

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