Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Now we know we're mortal

today's first race was a reminder of two things, first that we are mortal and second that all of the competition here is good! we made one small tactical error when we got bad air on the start we tacked away, thought we were lifted and left the fleet, when we came back we were even behind the J24s! A problem with the folding prop sealed our fate and we finished the first race in 5th.

The picture is a great way to show what KWRW is all about. Hundreds of really hot boats, with great crews who all want to win.

Our second race found us back on task. The points now put us in a match race with the other S2. Yesterday, they "ground us down" in the second race. Today, tacking on every shift, we pulled away in the end to finish nearly a minute ahead. The crew work needed for such a feat was incredible. We must have tacked 12-15 times in the last upwind to the finish. Each tack was right on. It was like practice again with Craig yelling "Hike bitches!" repeatedly. way to go tactics!

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  1. you go girl(jenna and Debra)miss you guys. That cut looked like something else (a cha cha):)
    you are my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!have one for me and be good.Bring me back a mount gay hat...