Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another amazing Day

Today was another amazing day of sailing. It seems a bit surprising we are doing as well as we are, but it is not such a mystery. Our crew is DEDICATED! They practiced and worked, we nearly rebuild Lightning Rod, we came together as a crew.

On the start of the first race we had a winch blow up. A good crew does things well, a great crew deals with the unexpected without skipping a beat. That is the crew work I witnessed today. it is easy from the back, my job is to just drive the boat, once Craig reminded me that is my job, I went back to driving. Hunter and Craig were out of the picture for this start because of the winch problem, but Glenn runs the starts anyways, all I had to do was watch him and we got off to a pretty good start in clear air in spite of the 30 seconds of mayhem in the cockpit while they rigged a workaround for the failed winch. Months ago Glenn bought two very expensive snatch blocks for Lightning Rod and I wasn't sure what we needed them for. Twice in this regatta I have found out why. each time we have had an equipment failure these blocks covered with only seconds lost on the course. Thanks, Glenn!
Glenn and Scott have performed flawlessly. Every launch and every douse has been perfect. we have two pit people and when Deborah was injured, after winning the race, Gina stepped in today and performed every bit as flawlessly, not just in the pit, but helping to identify problems before they were problems and helping the tactics guys with where are fleet and others are on the course and what is happening to them. The "alley", which is the middle of the boat is getting last mention because not only has their work been flawless, other than the winch they haven't enjoyed too much drama. Rackley and Jerry worked the alley today while Stu and Rackley worked it yesterday. They do their job and get on the rail to yells of "Hike Bitches" from Craig. As with all the crew work I've seen on LR this week, it is every bit as professional as on the Farr 40s I watched last year that gave me key West fever. When the LR crew hikes their shoulders are out, their paws are in the air, legs kicked our for every ounce of counter balance they can provide. We all like to win.
On tactics Craig and Hunter have performed, well, up to 6 points in four races standards, there just isn't much better you can do.
Key West Race Week is FUN!

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